what we offer
Whatever your market reaseach requirements are, we've got you covered! Specializing in taking up new concepts and methods of market research, Crownit offers product testing, basket analytics, launch monitor, concept testing, campaign evaluation, product feedback and much more. Read about what we offer in detail below:
Quantitative Studies
Feature rich & Smart surveys
Feature rich & smart surveys can be created for almost all types of questions with all possible complex logics to cater your survey need. Few highlighted features are:
  • Multi-Language supported
  • Multi-script supported
  • Image & Video supported
  • Gamified and interactive approach to surveys
Mobile First
We are a mobile only platform having over 2 million verified user base with deep consumer profiling.
Access to Gated Communities
Vast coverage including gated communities & working professionals.
Huge Coverage
Present in more than 40 cities across India.
Face Recognition Surveys
We have our AI based Face identification feature in place. This system helps you identify different images of users. User may have edited the picture or used filters but that won't come in the way of achieving your goal.
GPS Based Surveys
We help you conduct studies based on actual location or any specific city, in case you have a restricted geography.
Concept Card (Rack Survey)
We help you knock together an entire store experience for a user on their mobile phone. This lets you know the impact of physical placement of your product.
Video Ad Evaluation
We support features that help you evaluate your Video Ad on in-context simulation of Social Media before launching them.
Qualitative Studies
Depth Interview
Eagle live enables the clients to interact with the users not only at their convenience but also have a glimpse of their household consumption while having the interaction.
On the basis of research objective & the desired target group. Validated through their consumption data.
For a video interaction based on their purchase consumption & location.
Final Video Interaction
Finally, the duration & discussion guide of interview are finalised by the moderator along with the client. Then time & date for the final interview is decided.
ShopAlong & BrowseAlong
ShopAlong & BrowseAlong is an offering from Crownit that connects brands with verified online shoppers, who have agreed to be a part of a Shop Along research panel. Researchers can have shoppers live over a video call and the shopper shares their mobile screen and do a mock purchase of a product.

Browse Along helps to understand the navigation/search behavior & Shop Along is a great tool to discover the Path to Purchase for a product: What are the underlying factors that determine what shoppers purchase online and how these purchases are carried out?
Initiating the call
The researcher sees a list of all panelists who have agreed to participate in the study and can initiate a video call with them (at pre-decided time slot). The video call is similar to a WhatsApp video call or a FaceTime call.
Screen Sharing
Once the call has started, the researcher asks the panelist if they are okay with sharing their mobile screen with them & thus it is executed
Chat Groups & Online Forum
The consumer, today, is used to expressing her/himself on the social media and messaging apps. Eagle Talk brings these consumers together on one platform, the likes of which she/he is already used-to, to discuss about your product.
  • Real-time one to one & Group Discussions
  • Share any attachment over the platform
  • Capture user emotions through reactions/emoticons & audio responses
  • Instant message notifications
  • Mobile & Computer friendly
  • Option to export Chat data
  • Multiple discussion groups running at the same time
  • Pose a series of questions to get insights about how the group perceives a brand/product
  • Multiple file attachments allowed (audio/video/images/documents)
  • Analyze the respondent behavior/emotion by looking at their responses and their reactions/emoticons
Data Pipes
Basket Analytics
We analyze lakhs of uploaded bills and categorize them according to their categories & sub categories. Using these data, we can tell you during each day of week & month of year, your product can go together with which items. Also the purchase pattern based on Age, Gender, Location & SEC.
We can also help you to understand the up sell opportunity for other categories of your own brand along with any existing product or service.
Consumption Tracking
We can help you get the insight of your product consumption based on user's age, gender, city, SEC, day/month/season etc. Also we can let you know the correct target audience and who all are your consumers.
Purchase Tracking
We can identify the channel on which your brand is prominent & location in which that channel is popular to help you market it to correct audience & increase sales accordingly.
Retailer Audit
We have data of retailers from where your product is being purchased, we also have data of your competitors being sold at those retailers. This way, we evaluate the sales trend & competitiveness of your brand or product in those retail shops and accordingly you get real-time insight. Using this insight, you can improve the performance trends to identify the loss.
Household Audits
We let you know that where you stand against your competitors for household items. This can help you target correct location & segment of users to get more & correct customers on board.
Part in day out
Part in day out is very interesting analysis, in which we let you know about your brand or product that it is purchased on which specific day of the week/month. We also help you to identify the demographics impact on specific day wise so that TG & campaign can be done accordingly.