Faster decisions
High quality insights
Across all researches

Eagle Insights gives you the power and independence to analyse all your researches in one place to get high quality insights, faster.

Key Benefits

Faster decision making

Faster high quality Insighting on your reasearch data

Eliminate back & forth with agencies

One Place for testing & analysing your researches

One Single Platform

Store & analyse all quant and qual researches in place

Ad hocs & custom researches

Tracks & longitudinal researches

Qual DIs and FGDs

Freedom and Power

Work on research data yourself

No need for additional software or licenses

Ability to see insights across researches, across timelines, across departments and brands.

Key Features

Faster Analysis

Test various hypothesis on your own

Easy cross tabbing, clubbing & netting and charting of your data

Run sig tests on any data set

Automated correlation recommendations

One click sentiment analysis for qualitative videos

Transcriptions and word clouds

One Click Comparison

Compare across studies across agencies

Triangulate insights from multiple sources

Trend analysis across waves & dips

Single Source for all Researches

One data store for all reports(Qual & Quant)

All types for data tables in multiple formats

Videos and transcripts from multiple sources

Repository for assets - Questionnaires creatives, concepts

More Features

Highly secure encrypted storage.

Secure SSL based access via enterprise email OTP

Single repository for all your historical quant & qual reports and assets

Upload all types of reports, data tables, videos and multiple formats

Easy to search all types of reports and data

Easy to use Interface with no learning curve

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