GoldVIP Supplier Code of Conduct

GoldVIP values ethical, transparent, compliant, and sustainable business relationships and it expects its suppliers to adhere with integrity to the same standards to which GoldVIP holds itself. This Supplier Code of Conduct serves to layout the framework for GoldVIP’s relations with its suppliers on key areas of labour, ethics and corporate social responsibility.

Additionally, the terms of existing or future contracts between suppliers and GoldVIP may carry stricter arrangements in which case the stricter arrangements shall be applicable.

On its part, GoldVIP shall ensure fair competition in supplier selection process, guarantee fair financial treatment of its Suppliers and shall be in compliance with all applicable rules and regulations. GoldVIP prefers to work with Suppliers who have adopted a similar approach to Trade Ethics, Labour and Human rights, Environment protection and corporate responsibility.

For suppliers, demonstrating business integrity means at a minimum, complying with the stated requirements in this Supplier Code of Conduct when dealing / conducting business with GoldVIP:


Suppliers must comply with all pertinent laws rules and directions within the country, state or district, in which they work and are expected to apply best industry benchmarks.

Anti Bribery / corruption: Suppliers must stand by all pertinent anti-corruption laws. GoldVIP does not encourages any shape of bribery and suppliers must not offer anything of value to GoldVIP representatives or others in trade for an undue advantage. Suppliers should be aware that GoldVIP does not tolerate any supplier giving favours to or any employee or representative taking favours from any supplier.

Conflict of Interest: Suppliers should make every effort to prevent any situation of conflict of interest or even a possible / apparent conflict of interest in their or their employees’ relationships with GoldVIP, and also disclose to GoldVIP if any conflict of interest arises.

Data Security and Protection: Suppliers are expected to adhere to the highest standards of data protection and also ensure privacy of personal data is protected according to the prevailing laws. Suppliers should also ensure that they respect confidentiality of others and should not use information in breach of confidentiality agreements.

Fraud: Suppliers are expected to act with integrity and propriety, not be deceptive their dealings and there should be no fraud or misrepresentation of data or information.

Fair Competition: Suppliers must comply with all competition laws. In recognizing the significance of free and open competition, suppliers should not breach confidentiality arrangements and intellectual property rights of others. Suppliers must comply with all applicable free trade and competition laws.


Our suppliers should protect human rights and to treat their employees with dignity and respect.

Health & safety : Suppliers should ensure that their representatives are given a secure working environment that meets required occupational health and safety measures.

Anti-Discrimination & Anti-Harassment: Suppliers should treat all works fairly and equally and avoid all types of discriminations - in wages, in facilities, in processes around hiring, training, promoting, dismissal, on any ground especially if it is relating to gender, race, ethnicity, religion, age, sexual orientation, political affiliation.

Wages & Working Hours: Suppliers must comply with applicable laws regarding working hours and wages.

Child & Constrained Labor: Supplier to not employ children in their work force who are under the age of 16 and where local laws require higher age, then such higher age shall apply.

Slavery & Human Trafficking: Suppliers must not use any forced labour methods such as slavery, human trafficking etc. Suppliers also must not hold back any documents of workers which will reduce their mobility/ ability to change employments.

Freedom of Association and Collective Haggling: Suppliers should recognize the right of workers to form or join a union/ association of their choice and be able to negotiate collectively, and shall not be discriminated against due to this.


GoldVIP is committed to taking all measures to protect the environment and encourages its suppliers to take measures to protect the environment and reduce pollution by using energy efficient technologies and products, emphasise on waste management including reduction of plastic waste and proper disposal of e-waste by following all related regulations in letter and spirit. A wholistic approach is required towards Air pollution, soil pollution, water conservation, water pollution, as well as reduction of green-house gas emissions. Our suppliers are expected to adhere to all regulations with respect to all the aforementioned aspects and do continuous monitoring and improvement.


GoldVIP reserves the right to ensure compliance with these principles and if required conduct review or audits of our suppliers to ensure that this code of conduct is being followed in letter and spirit. In case of any deviation, suppliers shall promptly rectify the defects, at their own costs. Suppliers are required to keep record of to demonstrate compliance with this Code and must provide access for GoldVIP to be able to audit.


It is required that suppliers communicate this Supplier Code of Conduct to their workers and all through their supply chain. Supplier’s subcontractors are also required to adhere to this Code of Conduct.


Suppliers are empowered to report to GoldVIP any breaches or non-compliance of this Code of Conduct additionally if the supplier observes any non-compliance on GoldVIP’s part, suppliers are encouraged to write and inform .


By signing below, we acknowledge that we have received, read, and agree to comply with, GoldVIP’s Supplier Code of Conduct.