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Crownit Weekly Rush


Get ready to experience a Crownit Rush like never before.

All you have to do is check-in at any restaurant and be eligible to win whopping prizes!

We introduce new and exciting prizes every week. Check the app to know more.


With every check-ins you make, you will receive a ticket with a unique set of numbers. Each week we will draw a winning set of numbers, and if these numbers match your ticket number, you could win up to 4 bumper prizes!


Here’s what you have to do:

  1. Check-in at any of our restaurant outlets
  2. Once your check-in is approved, you will receive a set of unique tickets via email
  3. This ticket will authorise you as a participant of the Weekly Rush contests


To check the winning number:

  1. We will announce the winners at 3 PM every Friday
  2. All you have to do is login to the Crownit app and check the results
  3. If the numbers matches with yours, you are eligible to win


The duration to claim prizes is only one hour after the announcement. Please note that winners should claim their prizes within the next hour to avoid losing out on them.


The more you check in, the better are your chances of winning!


So what are you waiting for? Gather as many rush tickets as you can.






Q 1. What is Weekly Rush ?


A. Crownit Weekly Rush is a weekly competition in which users become eligible to win various prizes upon matching of “Rush Tickets.” These “Rush Tickets” are generated upon user-checkin approval. Based on these ticket numbers alone, users are deemed winners.


Q 2. What are the Rules of the Game?

A. Follow these rules to win whopping prizes :

  1. On every check-in, a “Rush Ticket” is generated (on star check-ins 2 Tickets will be given out and on Non-Star 1).
  2. A user can accumulate as many “Rush Tickets”  as possible in a week. In fact the more they collect, the better their chances become of winning.
  3. Users need to make check-ins at any “Food” outlet. No minimum bill amount required to participate”
  4. The Crownit Weekly Rush is  open to all Cities.
  5. Winning “Rush Tickets” will be announced every Friday, following which winners will be intimated for claiming their prize.


Q 3. How do I claim my prize ?

A. Weekly Rush happens every week at 3 PM and if your Rush ticket wins, you simply have to claim your prize by tapping on the “Claim” button.

Upon claiming, you will be asked to fill in some information like delivery address and email id, please do the needful, so that your prize can be delivered. The delivery takes upto 14 working days.


Q 4. Are there particular outlets/ minimum bill amount required to participate?

A. There are no minimum bill amounts or outlets lists. Every approved check-in at any outlet will ensure a definite participation in the game.


Q 5. Does more check-ins mean more prizes/ better chance of winning ?

A. Yes, more check-ins can make your chances of winning better. However, that does not mean more prizes.


Q 6. Can I win more than 1 prize per week ?

A. Yes, you can win more than 1 prize, depending on how many of your Rush Tickets matched with the winning numbers.


Q 7. In how much time do I get the prize after winning ?

A. For e-vouchers, the vouchers will be delivered within 72 hours.

In case of physical goods, the prizes will be delivered at the mentioned address within 7 days of user claim.


Q 8. What if a user does Not claim even after winning ?

A. You can claim prize till 4 PM or 1 hour after the announcement of results. If you fail to do so, during such time, your prize validity will have expired. You will no longer be eligible in that case.


Q 9. Can I transfer the prize to someone else?

A. Unfortunately, you have to claim the prize yourself.


Q 10. What is the weekly cycle?

A. From one Friday to the next counts as one weekly cycle (12:00 PM).

For these tickets, results will be announced at 3:00 PM.


Q 11. What Prizes can I expect?

A. Check the app every week to know more!


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