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  • What is our referral program?

    1. What are the referral benefits for me?
    1. Get rush ticket whenever your referral make his/her first successful check-in at any restaurant or in daily spends category with a min bill amount of Rs 100
    2. When your friend joins Crownit, you get a rush ticket.
    3. When there is any referral campaigns/offers live, the first successful check-in of your referral will only be considered. If referral's first check-in is declined, it will not be counted under the offer

  • My friend doesn't appear in my Referral List

    If your friend has downloaded the app and registered on the same, please submit query with his/her registered mobile number so that we may investigate the issue and assist you accordingly.

  • I am not receiving my ambassador crowns

    No ambassador crowns in Delhi/NCR, Mumbai and Bangalore after 25th November, 2017.


  • I don’t want my friends to see the outlets I’ve visited

    This feature of sharing your visited locations is put into effect purely for the purpose of provision of reviews of different outlets among your friends.

    For privacy purposes, we have given an option to hide your visit dates from your friends which you can do by following the simple steps below-

    • Open the app
    • Go to the “View your Profile” section
    • Tap on settings.
    • Check the option to “Hide My Visit Dates from Friends”


    Note: This feature is currently not available of IOS users.

  • How can I refer my friends?

    To refer friends, you simply have to invite them using one of the options available for invitation on the "Invite" screen.

    For your friends to be added as your referrals, they need to download Crownit through the referral link in the invite sent by you and give your registered mobile number as their referrer while registration when the app asks them for the same.


    Need more help, submit query.

  • I did not receive the referral crowns on my referral's first check-in


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