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Promotions and Offers

Promotions and Offers

  • Understand Promo Codes
    • What is a Promo Code?

      A promo code is a special code available for our users that fetches for them more cashback percentages.


      Promo codes are user specific, so the one that appears on your app's home page is the one you are eligible to use. It needs to be applied on your app before making a check-in and should be availed before its expiry. The expiration date is mentioned in the smart message that gives you the promo code.

    • How do I apply a promo code?

      To apply a promo code, please follow the below mentioned steps-

      • Open the app
      • Go to the section - “Promo Code"
      • Then simply enter your promo code
      • Click on Claim

    • Can I apply multiple promo codes at once?

      Yes, you may apply mutliple promo codes; however, only one promo code gets claimed on your next check-in (as per the system's pre-defined priority of the same) and the other promo codes exhaust unused. Therefore, if you want to control which promo code gets claimed on your next check-in, it is advisable that you choose the most suitable promo code and use the same.

    • Can I choose when to apply promo code?

      The promo code needs to be applied before making a check-in or purchase through your app so that the same can be claimed. Also, you must make the check-in/purchase before its expiry date to avail its benefits.

  • Trouble with promotions & offers
    • My promo code doesn’t work

      If your promo code doesn't work, please take a screenshot of the error and send it at support@crownit.in along with your registered mobile number; the concerned team will get in touch with you shortly.

    • I did not receive the promotion crowns

      Promo code has to be applied before making a check-in. If it was applied successfully before making the check-in or purchase and still the crowns have not been credited, please submit query with the promotion details.

  • Ongoing Promotions


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