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My Account

  • Trouble with Sign Up & Login
    • I am unable to login into to my account

      Your account might have been made inactive by compliance for violating company policies.


    • My account is not getting verified / unable to sign up through Facebook

      Existing users: Please be ensure that your Facebook app or Facebook installed in device is updated.

      New users: Facebook account's verification is mandatory to create a Crown it account, in case the same does not happen, the app will not let you proceed with the registration.

    • I did not receive the OTP for sign up

      OTP are generally not received due to network issues. It is advisory to please try again. if you are still unable to find it, please give us a call at at 7827074838 from Mon-Sat between 10 AM-8 PM, we shall help you with the same.

  • Notification Settings
    • I am not receiving e-mails from Crownit

      It is possible that you haven’t registered your e-mail id with us.

      You can add/make changes in your registered email id (which may be different from the one with which you are registered on Facebook). Your registered email id can be changed as and when you want. All communication from Crownit shall be sent on this updated email id.

      To change your email id, please follow the simple steps below:

      • Open the app
      • Go to "View your Profile" section
      • Make necessary changes in your email id
      • Save the changes

    • How do I opt out of the SMS service?

      Simply write us here in the form below to opt-out of the SMS service.

    • How do I unsubscribe from Crownit emails?

      If you wish to unsubscribe, simply scroll down to the screen of promotional email and locate the “Unsubscribe” link. By clicking on the link, you will stop receiving emails from us.

  • Profile Settings
    • How do I delete my account?

      We are really unhappy to see you going. We’d love to know your reason of Crownit account deactivation and will be happy to assist accordingly. Please let us know the reason/suggestion in the below given form.

    • How do I add a secondary number to my account?

      To add a secondary number to your account, please follow the below mentioned steps-

      • Go to ‘View Your Profile’ section
      • Click on Accounts
      • Tap on "Add Account"
      • Enter the Secondary Number, Network Operator and Type
      • Tap on Save

      This information can only be edited once in 30 days, so make sure your enter the details correctly. If it has already been 30 days and you are yet not been able to edit this information, please write to us in the form below.

    • What's the procedure to give my extra earnings to my Friend?

      To always give your referrer, extra 10% crowns on your bill earnings, please follow the simple steps below-

      Go to “View Your Profile” section
      Tap on Settings
      Select 'Always Give Extra Earnings To [Your Referrer's Name] When I Earn Crowns'

    • How do I change my current location / city?

      To change your current city, follow the simple steps below-

      • Open the app
      • On the top left side of the home page you will find your default city name
      • Tap on the city name to open the drop down from where you can select your current location

    • How do I hide my visit date from my friends?

      To hide your visits, please follow simple steps mentioned below:

      • Go to ‘View your Profile’ section
      • Tap on Settings
      • Tick ‘Hide my Visits' Date from Friends

    • How do I disable the crown pass sound?

      To disable the Crown Pass sound, please follow below mentioned steps:

      • Go to 'View your Profile' section
      • Tap on ‘Settings’
      • Disable the Crown Pass sound

    • How do I update my profile information?

      To update your profile information, please follow the simple steps:

      • Open the app
      • Go to the 'View your Profile' section
      • Make necessary changes & Save   

      If you are still unable to update, please write to us in the form.

  • Account Set Up & Log-in
  • Crowns Validity

    Crowns are valid only for 2 years from the date of accumulation. Further, if the Crownit Member does not use the Crownit Mobile Application for any Check-ins for a continuous peried of 180 days, then the Crowns in the Member's account shall lapse and shall not be available for redemption. This policy is exercisable by GoldVIP on its sole discretion.


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