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Prevention is better than Cure


This Women’s Day – we have a lot to be thankful for. We are thankful for our mothers who have spent countless nights taking care of us when we were sick. We are thankful for our sisters who have waited hand and foot over us, when we caught the sniffles. We are thankful for our spouses who have gone out of their ways to ensure that we lead a healthy and happy life. It is time to give back. For the women who have given us their precious hours – it is time we take care of their health too. Help them prevent illnesses early with our choicest diagnostic packages and earn extra 15% cashback while you’re at it too.

Like Neerja Bhanot, be the driving force in her health and help her stay healthy. Simply apply code NEERJA15 in app and pick the health packages of your choice from our “Diagnostics” category.




How to avail of this offer:

  1. Apply code NEERJA15 in Crown it app.
  2. Book your preventive health package from “Diagnostics” category in app. Proceed to fill in your details and then click “Pay Now”.
  3. Select a payment option & pay through a secure payment gateway.


On booking confirmation, you will be intimated of your booking status and the extra cashback will be automatically added to your account.


Terms & Conditions

  1. The offer is valid only till 8-March
  2. Crown it reserves all rights to withdraw eligibility from users.


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