5 Fun Ways to Burn That Stubborn Fat

5 Fun Ways to Burn That Stubborn Fat

Crown-it Team Jul 20, 1:03 pm 0
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“But I don’t like to exercise” or “I am allergic to lifting weights”. Admit it. You have heard all these excuses more than you care to count, from no one but yourself. Whoever is a pizza person, won’t necessarily be a plank person too (I know you couldn’t agree more!) So today we will help you eliminate all these excuses and get you superfit without the usual monotony of gym. So, there! Exercising without exercising to make healthy the new cool. Lets get rolling to spruce up your fitness regime with these whole new genres of workouts that won’t feel like workouts –

1. Yoga

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Are you one of those people with zero plans to run or you have been putting off gym membership? The evergreen Yoga is here for your rescue. Expect not to be good at it immediately, so start with “Yoga for beginners” program or simple asanas. It will not only give you muscle strength but also tone down your body.

Perks : No dependence on any heavy gym equipment.

Things you need : A Yoga Mat

Crown it recommends : Maher Yoga Trust, Sector 46, Gurgaon

2. Zumba

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So you think you can dance and shake the world by storm?! That makes you a Zumba person already. A healthy collaboration of Salsa with merengue music, it will burn your calories, give a great cardio boost and make you happy by releasing endorphins. This is one amazing workout with no age bar to get involved. So get a great workout in while you are at it, drenched in sweat and dance the Zumba way to the fitness. Shoutout to Zumba la la!

Perks : Complete fun workout

Things you need : Moves like Jagger & Zumba playlist

Crown it recommends : S N Fitness Studio, Sector 43, Gurgaon

3. Hiking

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Reap all the benefits of backpacking with a total body workout that come as a result of aching back, quivering thighs and hyperventilation. Hiking strengthens your lower body and build endurance while burning big calories. So this weekend, plan an adventure filled trek, go ahead and get yourself on the trail-head. Adventure junkies, are you paying attention?

Perks : Although its adventure, its still a workout

Things you need : A backpack and hiking shoes

4. Walking 

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Got no time to hike? Don’t lose heart. Just take a little stroll down the park and you have done yourself a world of good. You can also opt walking your way up the stairs wherever possible. Studies suggest that walking is a proper physical exercise and even a 15-minute brisk walk in the right shoes can strengthen your bones and gives you an uncluttered mind. Yeah, Zen! Keep doing more of that.

Perks : Healthy body with healthy mind

Things you need : Pair of fancy walking shoes

5. Martial Arts

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Have you turned back in time to the reminisces of the most exorbitant, bone cracking, pulse racing martial arts movies in your mind? You certainly have! Who wouldn’t want to do a martial move like Bruce Lee or Neo from ‘The Matrix’ for that matter. It involves serious core strengthening exercises that works on several areas to gain endurance, focus, flexibility and performance. There are number of Martial art techniques available for you to learn like Kickboxing, Kung Fu, Tai Chi, Tae Kwon Do and Karate to name a few. Sounds cool? Pick the right one and train your core.

Perks : Heightened self esteem and strength

Things you need : Integrity and commitment

Crown it recommends : Warriors Cove Mixed Martial Arts, DLF Phase 1, Gurgaon

So all you fit nerds, get geared up for the next level of fitter and healthier ‘you’ with these super fun workouts with exclusive cashback and recommendations from Crown it. We look forward to see you break a leg and say yes before you can say no!

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