Smaaash – The Place for Cricket Lovers This T20 World Cup

Smaaash – The Place for Cricket Lovers This T20 World Cup

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Do you follow Cricket religiously? Then, we’re guessing you’re all geared up for the T20 World Cup tourney.

This time around, don’t just catch the cricket actions in your living room. Watch rivals, India and Pakistan, battle it out on the pitch with fellow cricket lovers. We have the perfect offer to feed your cricket maniac soul. At Smaaash, it’s not just another “Live Screening”. You get to watch the Titans clash, gorge on delicious food and beverages, and play arcade games. It’s the place to be!

Delightful Food and Beverages


As you arrive, the bartender will craft a special beverage for you. But as the rivalry heats up in the pitch, indulge in an array of delectable. You will be served with oh-so-yummy vegetarian and non-vegetarian appetizers. Not just that, a lovely spread of dinner buffet awaits you. This will include refreshing salads, wholesome main course and sweet treats.

There will be an array of unlimited drinks to lighten the mood. One can simply choose from Breezers to cold beers or from premium wines or whiskeys. As for the ones who wish to lay off the alcohol, there will non-alcoholic soda beverages as well as luscious fruit juices.

Thrilling Games


To get some cricketing action, there will be a 3 Overs of Cricket for each guest. There’s more… A variety of arcade games will be lined up for you to enjoy. These arcade games include Pacman Smaaash, King of Hammer, Cricket Boxer, Speed of light, Sink the ship, Temple Run and loads more.

Exclusive Match Screening

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With all these exciting activities and fares, one shouldn’t forget about the big match! Watch the epic India vs. Pakistan match on 19-March. Witness the rivalry unfold on the big screen and cheer for the Men in Blue with fellow cricket fanatics. It just doesn’t get any better than this.

All of these rolled into ONE BIG celebration exclusively at Smaaash. Whether you’re in Gurgaon, Delhi, Bengaluru or Mumbai, your screening ticket entitles you to enjoy a gala screening of the epic match along with delicious fares and beverages.

Seems unbelievable? Well, it’s true. Get your tickets soon through our app and earn amazing cashback as well. Be there at Smaaash for an unforgettable time. Howzat?

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