Sarbjit Review – Our take on the powerful biopic

Sarbjit Review – Our take on the powerful biopic

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Sarbjit is a biographical movie based on Sarbjit Singh who was allegedly accused of being a spy. Sarbjit was a simple farmer who resided in Bhikiwind, close to the Indo-Pak border. Lead roles are performed by Randeep Hooda and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan. With Darshan Kumaar and Richa Chadha performing supporting roles. Scheduled to release on 20th May, this movie is highly anticipated. Here’s our Sarbjit review based on the trailers.


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How the Characters are Casted

The film showcases the events surrounding Sarbit’s arrest which leads to his death. However, it is narrated through Sarbjit’s sister Dalbir Kaur POV. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan plays the role of Dalbir. Randeep Hooda acts out Sarbjit with Richa Chadha as Sukpreet, his wife. Darshan Kumaar plays the role of Awais Sheikh, Ankur Bhatia is Mandev, and Ram Murti Sharma is Daarji.

Sarbjit Singh, alleged to be an Indian spy by Pakistan, was convicted of spying terrorism by the Court of Pakistan. He claimed to be a farmer who strayed to Pakistan from his village located on the borders. After a trial in the Lahore High Court, he was unfortunately sentenced to capital punishment in the year 1991. The film surrounds these events. As well as Dalbir’s consistent fight for justice.


The Story line

Our Sarbjit review is based on the trailers. Through the trailer, we find that this is a heart touching movie. It is centered on Sarbjit Singh, the farmer who was mistaken to be an Indian spy. He lived in a village in Bhikiwind with his wife Sukhpreet and Dalbir Kaur.  Working in others farm, he earned a livelihood but gets arrested by the Pakistani army. Sarbjit was sentenced to death by Pakistani Court after his arrest. He was alleged to be the one behind series of bomb blasts that took place in the Lahore. The entire movie is narrated from the perspective of Dalbir, Sarbjit’s sister.

The movie presents the constant tug of war to attain justice. Dalbir struggles all throughout the movie to fight for justice and truth. Since Dalbir was too close to her brother, she is seen struggling all throughout. But unfortunately, 23 years of effort and attempt to free Sarbjit Singh goes in vain. Sarbjit is tortured to death by the jail inmates after Afzal Guru’s death. The intensity and emotions brought together by Dalbir is something not to be missed. The case was fought by Awais Shheikh, played by Darshan Kumar, who tried to prove Sarbjit’s innocence. Frequent attempts are made to catch the culprit Manjit Kaur. Finally, Sarbjit was declared innocent but after a vicious attack by jail inmates, he succumbed to his death after a few days.


Why you should watch this?

Although our Sarbjit review is based solely on the trailers, one must watch this movie to get to know more about what happened. The story of Sarbjit needs to be conveyed so as to reflect how a simple incident may change the dynamic of a family. Dalbir dedicates her entire life to get her brother back to home. This is commendable. Aishwarya’s presence in the movie is exquisite. She can be seen in her de-glam best, playing a sister pleading for justice passionately.

The movie dialogues will surely give you goose bumps and the high octane acting of Dalbir will mesmerize you. The woman oriented movie is creating a great hype. Aishwarya steals the entire show with her be-spectacled minimal make-up appearance. She is simple yet powerful and passionate. Dialogues like ‘Kyu har Hindustani dushman and har Pakistani Aatankwaad hai’ and ‘tum log peeth par waar karna seekhe ho, par hum peeth dikhane walon mei se nahi hai’ makes this movie a must watch.URL:





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