Party Rock Anthem – Fun Pubs, Places to Visit in Bangalore

Party Rock Anthem – Fun Pubs, Places to Visit in Bangalore

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Bangalore is one of the most popular cities in India, and for all good reasons. It is a beautiful city where modernization meets history and traditionalism. If you’ve quite recently moved into the city for a new occupation or course, or are going to your grandparents for a get-away, you’re likely to get exhausted with your nights and weekends. All things considered, what number of theaters or shopping centers would you be able to go to? In this context, here are a couple of places to visit in Bangalore with companions and have an extraordinary time!


Legends of Rock

Legends of Rock in Bangalore is really a standout amongst the most happening spots to hang out. Tired of work, come here and rejuvenate your faculties. All assortments of Beer and different mixers together with extraordinary music and videos on the gigantic screen make your foot tap the floor. There are in-house groups who play out their best on different days. If nothing, you are certain to become a fan of legendary artists like Deep Purple, Dire Straits and Eagle at Legends of Rock Bangalore.


places to visit in Bangalore


Windsor Pub

This is like an ordinary old style Bangalore bar but offers easygoing environment. This is an ideal place for the working professionals, who need to have a pleasant time after a long day at work. Not for the more youthful fellows. Menu is simply rich and you are going to love the food.


places to visit in Bangalore


When you need to go out with companions, snatch a brew and eat some magnificent Coorg nourishment – this is the spot. The pub is undoubtedly one of the most popular places to visit in Bangalore. The Guntoor chicken and the masala prawns are just great. In case you’re here at evening, do try sannas and chicken/fish curry.


BakBak Bar

Planned as a restobar, the accentuation is on both —food as well as drinks. Eccentric stylistic layout is by all accounts the most recent craze and BakBak Bar Bangalore makes the best of it. There are bull horns on the divider, knobs suspended in jugs, old-style phones and great typewriters. This is a gigantic space with a long bar on the far side, a minimized open region to appreciate some mild climate, and a mezzanine floor for private social occasions. Witty mottos and graffiti finish the last picture. No doubt, these all make it one of the unique places to visit in Bangalore.


places to visit in Bangalore


Liven up a little by requesting a glass of salt-and-bean stew powder-rimmed Gabbar Singh — it’s distinctive and entirely pleasant. You could enjoy burgers and pizzas and the Desi segment has Lemon Grass Chicken Tikkas and a Monk Flambeed form as well.



Magnolia eatery Bangalore has an unobtrusive touch including the nuances of the variety of various flavors that constitutes food. The faint lighting, extravagant seating course of action, all contributes to the solace of Magnolia Bangalore. They serve both Chinese and Thai food. One of the best recipes is the Pad Thai Rice and Red Curry. Chicken spring rolls are additionally finger licking.


places to visit in Bangalore


Casa Del Sol

Casa Del Sol is the primary spot to enjoy pasta and pizza in Bangalore. It likewise presented the pattern of mainland bistros with a small piece of Americana. Two decades down the line, the restaurant keeps on standing its ground against new-comers with its unmistakable European energy. They have salsa nights, unrecorded music, earthenware craftsmen and loads of other fun occasions. It is obvious that Casa Del Sol is one of the most hip places to visit in Bangalore. They likewise offer a truly great Sunday early lunch.


places to visit in Bangalore


These are some best destinations to have food and enjoy the time in Bangalore city. You will surely enjoy these places. It is advisable to take along Crownit as your companion. Crownit offers many lucrative deals and cash backs on these places to visit in Bangalore.

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