Order Food Online of Any Value, Anywhere with Swiggy App

Order Food Online of Any Value, Anywhere with Swiggy App

Crown-it Team Jul 21, 4:46 pm 0
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It is true that we all have our own preferences and tastes. But, when it comes to food, we are certainly united towards satisfying ourselves with gastronomic cravings. We need food to survive, and the better the food, the happier we become (though health considerations must apply). Yet it is often a hassle to commute long distances, maybe 10 km, to reach ultra-kitchens and restaurant to have a perfect meal.


The easy way out? Why not get the beloved Mexican, Chinese, Continental, and Indian food delivered at the doorstep. Today, there are multiple apps on tabs and smartphones that do exactly the same. Swiggy is one such app that lets you order food without going anywhere. Open Google Play/App Store and download Swiggy app.


swiggy app


With Swiggy app you can order food online from your favorite restaurants in your city. What’s unique about Swiggy is that you can order a single bar of chocolate to a wholesome meal. Simply pick a restaurant, browse through the menu, pick the food, customize it if you want, and place order. That’s it. Now, isn’t that easy and quick?

If you are ordering food from a new restaurant, you could take help of Swiggy’s recommendation feature. This feature automatically shows you the most popular food of the restaurants. Comparisons across restaurants and menu are also possible. You could also read reviews, which could prove a great help in ordering food online. Additionally, what’s cool with the app is that you can track your order in real time. So, no need to call the restaurant and asking where your order has reached.


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Crownit on the other hand is a popular cashback app that gives users cashback on each restaurant check-in, spa/salon booking, bill payment, lifestyle purchase, etc. The cashback is immediately credited on successful transactions. You can redeem the cashback by buying different vouchers and coupons.




Crownit app is now letting users to redeem cashback on purchasing Swiggy coupons. This means that you could save some bucks while ordering food from Swiggy using Crownit coupon. Simply open Crownit app, tap on Redeem option, and buy Swiggy coupons. What’s next is applying the coupon in Swiggy app while ordering food. On your first Swiggy-Crownit food order you will get Rs 75 off.


Swiggy and Crownit could be the best duo for ordering your food online. You not only get your favorite food from your favorite restaurant delivered at your door step, but also save some money. With apps like Swiggy and Crownit, our eating habits are certainly changing.

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