Neerja: The First Look

Neerja: The First Look

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Neerja is the upcoming biopic of slain flight attendant Neerja Bhanot.


It takes us through the hijacking ordeal of Pan AM Flight 73 in 1986. The film particularly revolves around Neerja Bhanot who was the head attendant on the fateful day.

A little bit of history

Pan AM Flight 73 was hijacked on September 5, 1986 while on ground at Karachi, Pakistan. It had taken off from Bombay, and was bound to depart for Frankfurt, Germany. There were 20 fatalities, Bhanot being one of them. She was only 22 years old when she sacrificed her life for the safety of the hostages. She was fatally shot while shielding three children from gunshots.

The casts


Directed by Ram Madhvani, this biographical movie will keep you on the edge. Judging from the trailers, Neerja promises to deliver intensity and emotion. Sonam Kapoor plays the brave heart, Neerja Bhanot. And as far as the trailer is concern, she seems to have become the heroine rather than the damsel in distress. The way her body language changes from a cheerful young lady to a terrified airhostess is excellent. But only time will tell if this movie will be her transition from a style icon to a serious actress. To watch Miss Kapoor as the sole protagonist will be an exciting change.


Playing an iconic figure, Sonam had a huge responsibility on her shoulders. She seems to have taken complete control of this fact. On the other hand, Shabana Azmi plays Bhanot’s mother in the film. While renowned music composer, Shekhar Ravjiani is set to make his first ever acting debut. He will be seen Sonam Kapoor’s love interest.

Why do we want you to watch Neerja?

If you’re born after mid-eighties, you might not have any clue about Neerja Bhanot. It is essential that you watch the film even if you’re not a fan of the leading casts. Neerja is a story of a brave woman who showed immense bravery even in times of crisis. She showcased a great presence of mind, courage and disregarded her own safety for the passengers.

A must-watch for this weekend, Neerja will be packed with emotions, thrills and will keep you glued to screen.

Our expectations: 4/5

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