Remember the other “GODS” – National Doctors Day

Remember the other “GODS” – National Doctors Day

Crown-it Team Jun 30, 1:38 pm 0
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In India, National Doctors Day is nothing less than a festival – at least it should be. Perhaps, after God, parents, and teachers, it is the doctors whom we revere the most as they save lives. This day is observed on varying days across the world. Here, in India, we celebrate it on 1st July and this wonderful observance isn’t without an interesting past. It was first observed was in 1991 to commemorate the birth and the death of Dr Bidhan Chandra Roy, the legendary physician and honorary Bharat Ratna recipient. Even years after his death, his stellar legacy lives on in the heart of people and in the shaping of the Indian Medical society.

National Doctors Day, today, is a big awareness campaign that offers awareness and active participation in healthcare all while understanding the roles, responsibilities, and importance of doctors in the country.

National Doctors Day


Humanity, in general, is largely dependent on such able bodied personnel as doctors to alleviate them from physical & psychological ailments. Ever since the inception of medicine into our lives – we have made progress in leaps & bounds – in terms of approach, infrastructure & treatment procedures. This coupled with the sheer experience and mastery of being able to perform complex surgical & medical procedures is an added advantage to us civilians. With that said, we should take responsibility of choosing the right physician for our healthcare needs.


How National Doctors Day is celebrated in India

Like other nations, we commemorate a day to appreciating the achievements of our doctors. Different events, activities, and campaigns are run all day. General screening test camps are organised with facilities like free blood test, blood sugar test, ECG, and blood pressure checkup. Discussions on different healthcare topics, games, quizzes, etc. are also organised with the aim to spread general public awareness.

National Doctors Day


Celebrate National Doctors Day with DocsApp

As the country celebrates National Doctors Day, you could celebrate it by getting a health consultation using DocsApp. Not only you will be celebrating National Doctors Day but you’ll be taking a step further towards healthy living.

There is a low doctor to patient ratio in India, and visiting a doctor may actually take an entire day with the added concern of having to consult for a second opinion should the consultation not seem desirable enough. Or, like in most of the cases, you simply take some treatments from a nearby pharmacy without knowing the consequences. This is where the DocsApp comes handy. DocsApp lets you consult with a specialist from the comfort of your home. From consulting a doctor on a chat or phone call to home pickup of sample for lab tests to getting the medicines delivered at your doorsteps – you could do that all using DocsApp. With over 500 expert doctors from Gynecologist to Dermatologist, Psychiatrist, Pediatrician, etc. associated with the app from over 25 major Indian cities, preventive healthcare has never proved to be so easy.

It is time we all give thanks to Doctors for their indispensable service. Use Crownit to get an online doctor consultation from DocsApp, and celebrate National Doctors Day by getting a health check-up consultation of yourself and your family.

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