Airlift Review: Political Drama Lives Up To Expectations

Airlift Review: Political Drama Lives Up To Expectations

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Directed by Raja Krishna Menon, Airlift tells the story of the mass evacuation of Indians that took place in the year 1990 in Kuwait. After the Kuwaiti Royal family left the city in shambles, Saddam Hussein’s army took over just within a few hours. This led to chaos and carnage where the general population were subjugated to Hussein’s regime. In the middle of this life-threatening political crisis, more than one lac Indians are stranded in no man’s land. Amidst the pandemonium, Ranjit Katyal benevolence towards his family, friends and colleagues become a truly patriotic and heroic act.


After a series of lukewarm reception movies in 2015, Akshay Kumar returns with a bang in this nail-biting thriller, Airlift. He definitely seem to have won hearts aplenty playing the role of Ranjit Katyal. From living an ordinary life as a Kuwait-based businessman and transforming into an unsung protagonist, Kumar brought his A-game. Along with Nimrat Kaur, the husband-wife relationship and emotions were perfectly captured in the movie.

Not only did the actors did justice to their respective roles, cinematographer, Priya Seth deserves a round of applause for beautifully captivating the audiences with the anxiety, passion, fear and turmoil. The motion picture aesthetically, if not bravely, confronts a subject that Indian cinema rarely depicts on screen. There’s not much misses in the movie with the exception of wrapping up the actual evacuation operation in a jiffy.

But like Ben Affleck’s Argo, Airlift also restores our faith in humanity. With the extended Republic day weekend, why waste your time doing nothing? Go and watch Airlift, it will definitely fill you with a sense of patriotism and appreciation.

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