Mobile Recharge and Phone Bill Payments Now on Crownit

Mobile Recharge and Phone Bill Payments Now on Crownit

Crown-it Team Apr 18, 11:14 am 0
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There is no doubt that the world is moving fast on its heels. Everything today is ‘on the go’. But with technology, smart phones and internet, life on the fast lane has become convenient. One such convenience is making mobile recharge and paying phone bills online.  With the ability to make bill payments and recharge online, chores have become easy and quick. But there’s nothing better when you get cashback after a bill payment or mobile recharge. For that, Crownit has you covered!

After venturing into F & B, hotels, fitness, spas and more, Crownit has also added online mobile recharge under its wings. With this option, you can now put cash back in your wallet. The excitement doesn’t stop there. Along with cashback, we’re giving you Weekly Rush Tickets. Now, paying bills has never been this thrilling.

How to make a Phone Bill Payment or Recharge


mobile recharge

Just follow these simple steps to make a mobile recharge or pay your phone bill.

1. Open the Crownit app from your phone

2. Tap on Phone Bill category on the home page

3. Once inside the panel, you can fill in your mobile details

4. After which, click on Recharge/Pay Bill

5. Proceed to payment and VOILA!

Once the payment transaction is done, the cashback and Weekly Rush Tickets will be added to your Crownit account. Easy and quick, eh?

Weekly Rush Tickets – An Added Bonus


mobile recharge

Now, earning Weekly Rush Tickets isn’t confined to dining out, visiting a spa or salon, or a diagnostic centre. You can simply earn your Rush Tickets in the comfort of your home or on the go. Once you’ve made a successful phone bill payment or mobile recharge, you will receive the requisite cashback and Rush tickets instantly.

Did you know, our past winners were rewarded with amazing gadgets, holiday trips and many more? It could be you too. Stand a chance to win iPhones, Holiday Trips to Thailand, Samsung S2, and other smart phones. We also give out hundreds of vouchers and Crowns as consolation prizes. With these kind of rewards, everyone is a winner.

Things You Should Keep in Mind

First things first, in order to get cashback and Weekly Rush tickets on mobile recharge or bill payment, you need to download Crownit app. You will receive a certain percentage of cashback on bill amount or recharges below INR 300. With bills or recharges which are more than INR 300, you will get cashback and a Rush ticket.

Why You Should Choose Crownit

It’s not just about instant mobile recharge or phone bill payment. Here are reasons why you should choose Crownit:

1. On the Move: Fast and easy bill payment and mobile Recharge anytime and anywhere.

2. Smooth Experience: A hassle free recharge/payment experience through your mobile device.

3. Safe and Secure Payments: Highly secure payment platform and a good choice of payment mode.

There you go! Pay your phone bills and recharge your mobile through Crownit for an unbelievable experience.

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