10 Incredibly Cool DIYs You Have To Try Right Now

10 Incredibly Cool DIYs You Have To Try Right Now

Crown-it Team Jul 8, 1:41 pm 0
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Channel out your crafty vibe with these ten insanely cool, creative and simple DIYs that we selected to share with you. Even the laziest or inept crafter can dig these totally, let alone the do-it-yourselfers. Here, get yourself to the DIY route with these awesome fun projects –

1. DIY Tennis Ball Stuff Holder

Redo Tennis Ball to its coolest avatar

Having made a little something to smile back at you all day is probably the best thing ever! All you need is a tennis ball, a sharp knife to cut it in the middle, stick -on/drawn-on eyes and you are good to go.


2. DIY Permanently Painted Dishes

Ever wondered how to revamp those basic, boring looking ceramic plates into chic looking dishes to complement your food personality? Simply head over to this DIY tutorial and give your crockery a chic makeover for life. Food aficionados, take note!


3. DIY Recycle Plastic Bottles

The next time you feel like throwing away those empty plastic bottles, try your hands at these simple and significant DIYs to get the most out of trash.


4. DIY Wireless Headphones

Now this is something uber cool to create, isn’t it? You can make your headphones wireless for life in just three simple steps.Voila! Head over to the tutorial and get started.


5. Hacks For DIY Stain Removal



Ruined your favorite piece of clothing or spilled some thing creepy accidentally? Panic no more! These easy DIYs will help you get those nasty stains off your valuables and you will never mind getting stained ever again!


6. DIY Easy Earphone Holder

This is probably the cutest storage solution for your earplugs and not only this, it will spare you the headache of de-tangling your earplugs every now and then. We bet, this is theloveliest and cheapest (won’t cost you a dime!) DIY to try. Go ahead!


7. DIY LED Illusion Mirror

All those science geeks and lovers of cool experiments, this one is for you! An extremely simple and fun DIY that will make you give yourself a pat on the back!


8. DIY Phone Holder

Before tossing those plastic bottles away, try turning it into something valuable like this with this super easy DIY tutorial.


9. DIY Invisible Book Shelf

Source :


How cool is it to make this invisible book shelf, flaunt to those around you and leave them scratching their heads in surprise. Follow these easy instructions and be a decor pro in no time.


10.  DIY Storage Hack : Easy double Cloth Hanger

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Create some extra space in your wardrobe with this simple trick of creating double cloth hangers with can tabs. Easiest solution to your wardrobe woes, ladies!

Share you favourite DIY’s and lifehacks with us in the comments below – we’d love to know your jugaad to life!

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