All Fools Day Special – A History of April Fools Day

All Fools Day Special – A History of April Fools Day

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April Fools Day, also known as All Fools Day, is a day of chivalry and humor celebrated across the world. The origin and history of this most light-hearted day of the year still remains uncertain. In most part of the world, the day marks the change of seasons, while some part of the world believes it as a beginning of a new calendar year.

april fools day

There are various explanations behind observing April 1st as an All Fools Day aka April Fools Day.

Gregorian calendar getting replaced by Julian calendar

If ancient history is to be believed, Romans and Hindus observed the day as New Years day. In later periods of time, a new Gregorian calendar was adopted which replaced the old Julian calendar, thereby shifting the day of observance of new year as January 1st rather than April 1st. This shifting of the new year day from April to January 1st was ridiculed by learned men, who began tricking them into believing something false or utter foolish on April 1st, embarking the observance of April Fools Day.

Constantine’s Era

april fools day
Constantine (Source)

Professor Joseph Boskin, history professor at Boston University explains that the practice of observing April 1 as All Fools Day began from the reign of Roman Emperor Constantine. Besides, there exist many similar instances and explanations defining the origins of April fool’s day.

Spring Fever

Many different cultures around the world observed festivals and celebrations in this part of the year.  More or less the celebrations kept on moving for couple of weeks. Like Hindu calendar has Holi, Romans have Hilaria on every 25th March, and the Jewish calendar has Purim.  Whatever is the logic, but this part of the year is occupied by a large number of lighthearted celebrations full of humor and foolishness, thus counting the day 1st April as an All Fools Day or April Fools Day.

How is the day observed all around the world?

Observed all across the western world the all fools day incorporates pranks and practices of light humor. Say for example sending your relatives on fool’s errand, cracking naughty pranks on a healthier note, calling or looking for things that actually do not exist, making people around believe stupid things. Whatever be the occasion, the actual intent of the celebration is to spread happiness and loads of happiness across all parts of the world.

april fools day
Poisson d’Avril (Source)

As an observance, this day in France, French kids celebrate the day as “April fish” or Poisson d’Avril. They sketch picture of a fish behind their school friends and shout out loud laughing Poisson d’Avril as the prank gets caught up.

As the occasion is close, there are an arsenal of pranks being developed all across the world to fool your family members and friends. As the occasion adds humor and makes the atmosphere light and enriching we hereby suggests some of the most tested pranks of time which will make your coworker, friend or family member, bemused and freaked out for some time at least.

1. Go for insect lamps. These lamps can be freaky scary for the ones who have insect phobia.

2. Attach blow horns below the working seats of your co workers. This will definitely make him confused and red for a piece of time.

3. Surround your colleagues car by shopping wheel carts locking it within, making him wonder for a while.

4. Plant a grass garden in your coworker’s keyboard.

5. Prepare Mentos Ice bombs for soda lover friends. This prank works outstanding well.

6. Install an air horn as a door wall protector and let your friends wonder for a while.

7. Replace the air freshener with stink bombs.

Like any other festival or occasion of celebration April 1st ever since its inception is marked for its revelry and humor it spreads amongst people of all genre. Alike any other occasion, the actual intent of celebrating the April Fools Day is to spread happiness and loads of happiness across all parts of the world.

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