Talk Of The Town: Dubai’s most loved Cafe FiLLi is now in India

Talk Of The Town: Dubai’s most loved Cafe FiLLi is now in India

Mansi Garg Mar 15, 6:46 pm 0
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Tea has never been as important and preferred in the beverage industry as coffee. Cafe means coffee and the saying always went like a conversation over the coffee.  NO one mentioned tea, especially in UAE. But Cafe FiLLi changed it all. It wasn’t easy but Rafih FiLLi changed it all with the cafe’s homely ambience, wonderfully flavoured teas and exquisite munchies.

Like in UAE, the cafe has worked its magic in Mumbai as well and has become the second home for Mumbaikars in barely a month since its opening. It has launched two stores one at Carter Road and another at Kemps Corner. You must check out its ambience and warm service. Here are top few reasons apart from the service and ambience why you must check the place out.

Zafran Tea:

FiLLi’s Zafran tea is a must have. You have been missing on a super bliss if you haven’t tried on this one. It is served milk blended with warming and welcoming
spices, with strands of saffron floating on the top and the intoxicating aroma filling the surrounding. One sip and you will know what heaven feels like.

Barbeque Chicken Burger:

The barbeque chicken burger in FiLLi is a must try. The burger is heavenly deliciousness and crispy that can make anyone crave for more. Filled with crispy barbequed chicken and crunchy veggies topped with barbeque sauce, you shouldn’t miss giving a try on your visit.

Rebel’s Delight Coffee:

It is a chocolate cold coffee to die for. You shouldn’t miss it for the world. True to its name, Rebel’s delight is a delight to have. Beating the heat of the summer,
the coffee drenches your senses into its sweet and fulfilling taste and iced coolness.

FiL Z Wrap:

You must have had many wraps in many places, but the one here defies all of them. Loaded with fresh veggies and loads of chicken, FiL Z Wrap has everything in the right quantity. It is moist but not runny and is equally crunchy and soft at the same time. You would simply love the FiL Z wrap.

Cookie Monster:

Loaded with dairy milk, the Cookie Monster is really delicious milkshake mixed with Oreo and chocolate chip cookies. So ready to feel the cool with the sweetness of chocolate and a little crunchiness of cookies and Oreo. Satisfy the craving of your chocolate tooth with this one shake.

So on your next visit to FiLLi Cafe, what will you be tasting first?

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