FAN Movie Review: Shah Rukh Khan’s FAN movie

FAN Movie Review: Shah Rukh Khan’s FAN movie

Mansi Garg Apr 15, 6:21 am 0
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Fan movie, starring Shah Rukh Khan is directed by Maneesh Sharma, raised tons of expectations from the day the trailer was released. It was scheduled to release in 2015 but due to unavoidable circumstances it was pushed further. Fan is set to open to audiences today. As the title of the movie suggests, the movie revolves around the obsession that a fan has for a star. In this psychological thriller movie, King Khan plays a dual role – one as the lead role and other as the fan. The movie truly depicts the craze that doppelganger fan Gaurav has.

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How the story goes

The plot of the movie is fascinating enough to keep viewers glued to the screen. Aryan Khanna has a huge fan following owing to his stardom. Gaurav is the doppelganger fan who ends at becoming obsessed with the star. The young lad goes to every extent to see Aryan or talk to him. In an attempt to do so, Gaurav starts taking drastic measure. The shocked Aryan Khanna depicts negative traits in him, this made his stardom look like arrogance and vanity. Instead of dealing with the situation sensibly, he threatens to harm Gaurav and shows a lot of arrogance, unlike his characters in the movies. In some way, it may be said that this film shows discrepancies between the silver screen and reality. There is a lot of psychological tussles between Aryan and Gaurav in the movie. Both characters starts behaving stupidly, trying to hurt each other. They get down to the streets to enter into a big fight at the mega-climax moment. Now who is going to win? Does Aryan remain the same shrewd and arrogant star? Such cliffhangers need to be solved.

The plot seems realistic to a great extent. Stars do have crazy fans doing crazy stuffs to meet and talk to their inspirations. The realistic portrayal of the events is sure to make Fan movie a blockbuster hit.

Why you should watch Fan

The movie is no doubt creating a lot of hype with King Khan playing two roles. SRK’S real life obsessed fans can have a closer look at the Bollywood Badshah by seeing this movie. Although there are two characters in the movie, they’re not shown as the protagonist and antagonist. The song ‘Fan’ is already getting huge popularity, which is composed by Vishal-Shekhar. The story line of the movie is really fantastic. Fan movie is about the brittle dynamic between Aryan and the fan, Gaurav and how the equation changes is yet to be found out. The movie is set to give a sense of thrill to SRK’S fans.

In this world of labels, it is easy to forget who made pop stars and film actors as the ‘stars’. Every fan has his/her own personal relationship with on-screen hero. The entire world of Gaurav, 20 years old lad, revolves around the life of the movie star Aryan. At the edge of the seat thriller, the movie peels away the personalities of both Aryan and Gaurav in the action packed scenes and show us their real selves.




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