Earn Cashback on Each Postpaid Bill Payment through Crownit

Earn Cashback on Each Postpaid Bill Payment through Crownit

Crown-it Team Jul 12, 10:28 am 0
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Today, with the availability of lightning fast internet, high specification smartphones, and tons of utility mobile apps, almost everything seems to be just easy and on the go. Combine these three and you could do things within a few seconds. Not only these three keep you connected to your close ones, help gain information and complete office work, but there are tons of other things that could be done. And that too easily. One such convenience of using all three gadgetry that the modern world gave us, together is to make mobile bill payment online. Now, there’s no need to stand in long queue at the payment counters. In fact, you’ll be saving time and lots of efforts. What’s cool is that there are different companies and inbetweeners that reward you if you use their services for paying bills, including the mobile bill payments. Crownit is one of the leading companies that do exactly the same.

In a very short time Crownit made its dominance felt in the F & B, hotels, restaurants, fitness and spas, and several other industries. Now, it is doing the same in the domain of paying mobile bills online. Especially if you are making a postpaid bill payment, Crownit has you covered. A user not only gets cashback , but making things merrier he also gets entitled to win different rewards. Crownit additionally provides Weekly Rush Tickets that could help you win awesome prizes like a brand new iPhone, holiday trips to exotic destinations, and more. Sounds exciting, isn’t it?

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Steps to make postpaid bill payment using Crownit

Making a mobile bill payment through Crownit is easy and quick. All you have to do is follow the steps mentioned below and you’ll be done within seconds

  1. Open the Crownit app in your smartphone

  2. Tap on “Bill Payment”

  3. Tap on “Phone Bill”

  4. Enter the mobile details and the payment amount

  5. Tap on “Pay Bill”

Note: ensure that “Postpaid” option is checked on the Pay Bill screen.

That’s it, and you are done. The cashback will be automatically added in your account. A Weekly Rush Ticket is added to your account if your phone bill is above INR 250 and above.

On what basis cashback is added?

Cashback is added on the basis of the bill amount. There is a 3 percent cashback on every postpaid bill payment. This means that the bigger is the bill amount, the bigger cashback you will get.

Also see: cashbacks are added in the form of Crowns to your Crownit account, which you can redeem later.

Why use Crownit?

Crownit is a one stop solution that like a personal assistant guides you through the city, health centers, spa and saloons, and movie centers. It shows you the best dining options, gets you going for a holiday adventure, and much more. Making postpaid bill payment is just too easy; a few taps on the mobile screen and you are done. The fact that you can use it anywhere and anytime makes it very flexible. The payments are completely safe and secure. Plus, the whole experience of using Crownit will be a smooth one. So there you go, you have plenty of reasons to use Crownit for doing a number of activities, but let’s just stick to making mobile bill payments for now.

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