Dr. BR Ambedkar – Father of the Constitution of India

Dr. BR Ambedkar – Father of the Constitution of India

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Dr. BR Ambedkar, also known as Bhimrao Ambedkar, was the architect of the Indian constitution. The well-known politician and an eminent jurist. Since he was also a victim of caste distinction, BR Ambedkar fought for the lower classes. He was a leader in the true sense. He fought to eradicate the social evils such as caste system and untouchability. Ambedkar also fought for Dalit rights and downtrodden classes. Being appointed as the first Law Minister, Ambedkar was posthumously awarded the prestigious Bharat Ratna award in the year 1990.

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A Brief History

His parents hailed from the Mahar Caste which was viewed as the ‘untouchable’ class by the upper class. Due to this, he also had to face discrimination from the corners of the society. In fact, the humiliation faced by BR Ambedkar haunted him in the Army School as well. Ambedkar and other untouchable students didn’t get proper attention from teachers. Facing all the hardships, Ambedkar successfully cleared his school education.

Ambedkar’s Education and Career

Despite all the caste distinction he faced, Ambedkar pursed his courses well and got the chance to study in Elphinstone College. He cleared all his examination successfully and received a scholarship of Rs. 25/month. His main subjects were Economic and Political Science. He graduated in these subjects from the Bombay University in the 1912. He later became the Defense Secretary to the Baroda King. But then, he still had to face humiliation. With the assistance of Lord Sydenham, he obtained the job as a professor of political economy at the Syndenham College. After getting back to India, he started fighting against the caste discrimination which was so much prevalent in India. It is due to his great contribution towards the Dalit movement and his social outcry that an annual festival on the 14th of April is celebrated as the Ambedkar Jayanti.

Celebrating Ambedkar’s Jayanti

Bhim Jayanti is the festival celebrated to commemorate BR Ambedkar on the 14th of April. The day also marks his birthday. The day has been declared as the public holiday by the Ministry of Personnel under the Negotiable Instrument Act. It is the custom to pay homage to the statue of Ambedkar. The President, the leaders, and the Prime Minister assemble in the Parliament House in the New Delhi to celebrate the occasion.

B.R Ambedkar Jayanti is celebrated by the Indians as a whole but especially the Dalits celebrate this day with more joy. Dalits embraced the religion of Buddhism by following Bhim Rao Ambedkar and so they are the staunch followers of Ambedkar. Large number of Indians visits the local statues to commemorate Ambedkar in the procession.

Ambedkar Jayanti is observed as public holiday on the 14th of April every year. On this day a great philosopher, politician, historian and the economist was born. He was also a well-known anthropologist and the main architect of the Indian Constitution. In fact, Ambedkar was the first untouchable who pursued the college degree. For his studies, he earned the law and the doctorate degree which is really a prestigious affair. His march at Mahad is commemorated today since it established equal rights for the lower class untouchables. The Prime Minister, President along with the leaders pay gratitude to the statue of B.R Ambedkar on this day.

Dr. BR Ambedkar was and still is an inspiration for many people throughout the world. He was the first to raise voice against the social evils and fought wholeheartedly against them. Ambedkar died on the 6th of December in the year 1956. He was really a man with millions of qualities.

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