6 Iftaar Dishes That are Bound to Stir Hunger Pangs

6 Iftaar Dishes That are Bound to Stir Hunger Pangs

Crown-it Team Jul 14, 8:30 am 0
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Wilful fasting at its best, Ramzaan has brought out every one’s inner “Hangry Demon” (hungry + angry: You’ve been this way – admit it!) one time or another. While one feverishly waits for the clock hands to loom ever-so close to iftaar, your stomach conveniently begins to digest itself. While that happens, even if it means the very death of you, you should look through this mouth-watering list of yumminess and try not to mutter curses (haraam hai, bhai!)

1. Murg Lababdaar



Look at this sinful pot of creamy-meaty goodness – now tune in to the bubbling hunger in your stomach and know this – your life will never be the same again without this ambrosia passing through your lips. The perfect blend of spices, nuts and oh-so tender chicken, the chicken lababdar is a dish best eaten alone (why share?) with butter naans! Pay no attention to the arteries clogging up on you!

Available at – Adda by Striker

Price: Rs. 325

2. Hyderabadi Haleem


Oh, the things we’d destroy for just a spoon of this soft, melt-in-the mouth, meaty goodness. Pound to perfection and cooked till angels cry – the haleem has been a staple iftaar dish since the time immemorial. In the cornucopia of flavour, the delicate balance of pulses, meat and aromatic spices come together in ways to make you want to quiver with delight. How! just HOW could such perfection exist – something that still baffles us.

Available at – Raas, Hauz Khas Village

Price: Rs. 465

3. Chicken Tikka

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All hail the ORIGINAL GANGSTER of all chicken meals across this hallowed land! The flamin’ hot meat doused with butter and a little lime is sinful enough to make a vegetarian question his choices. Bite into the tender and juicy flesh of a chicken so tender and weep at the marvel of culinary sciences!

Available at – Khan Chacha

Price: Rs. 170

4. Mutton Qorma

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The simplicity of life lies in a bowl of hearty mutton qorma and tandoori naan. Even Gods, high up Heaven, will have shed a tear of approval when their children bestowed this masterpiece of a dish unto the world.

Available at – Karim’s, Jama Masjid

Price: Rs. 265

5. Tandoori Biriyani

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What sorcery is this? Tandoori Chicken and Biriyani! TOGETHER?

Yes – you mere mortals! Meet the monolithic gastronomical bomb that combines the aromatic sinfulness of a Biriyani with the heavenly juiciness of a tandoori chicken. Eat your heart out – vegetarians!

Available at – Deez Biriyani & Kababs

Price: Rs. 245

6. Seekh Kabab Roll


Take the already superlative juicy and lip-smacking seek kabab and wrap a nimble and stretchy white flour wrap, douse it in spicy gravy, sprinkle lime and cut -up onions to create an iftaar snack – hardly for the faint-hearted.

Available at – Alkauser, Safdarjung Enclave

Price: Rs. 240

So, to answer the age old question – the chicken did not really cross the road – it went and disguised itself into morsels of deliciousness, such as these. What’s more if you use our app, you can up to 35% cashback on your meals! So break your roza to the cornucopia of tastes – your self-digesting tummy will thank you for it! Let us know which of these you liked the best – or which iftaar dishes are close to your heart!


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