Diagnostics and Pharmacies – Crown it’s Latest Additions

Diagnostics and Pharmacies – Crown it’s Latest Additions

Crown-it Team Dec 21, 1:36 pm 0
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Earlier this month, Crown it – the merchant discovery and privileges platform rolled out the red carpet for a new category. Focusing solely on food and beverages, beauty and fitness in its initial phase, Crown it has successfully expanded into Diagnostics and Pharmacies.


With an aim to promote health care is the addition of diagnostics and pharmacies in Crown it’s listings. This category will make the process of searching, selecting and booking a check up appointment more convenient and easier for the active and on-the-go metropolitan users – the main target audience. The goal of this latest inclusion is to enhance the customer’s overall experience.


For the best curated browsing and/or purchasing experience, Crown it has listed the diagnostic and pharmacy outlets with comprehensive details. Customers can leaf through the packages and prices, and then book their diagnostic appointment slot by selecting a package. The app also features a systematic information insight for the customers about the scheduling times, address and so on. Once a user books an appointment, they will be rewarded with crowns accordingly. Some of the diagnostic outlets listed on the app are Health Quest Labs, Dr Jaideep Diagnostic, Thyrocare, Magnus and many more.

Crown it app has incorporated more than 20 diagnostic and pharmacy outlets in its search matrix. It has been implemented in five cities – specifically Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, Mumbai and Bangalore. Crown it plans to add more cities in the near future and expand this service pan India.

About Crown it

Crown it, a first of its kind hyper local marketing app, was launched in 2014 to Delhi-NCR and Mumbai audiences. The concept behind the app is to give customers an innovative shopping experience combined with immediate cash back. Through the cashback schemes, customers can redeem their crowns by shopping online, booking movie tickets, pay phone bills and many more. The retail program helps attract customers for outlet partners by marketing them through the app. The goal is to reach out to potential customers which will help in the customer base growth and in turn increase their footfall. Since its inception, there are 100x more customers. Today, Crown it is operational in seven cities including Delhi, Mumbai and Bengaluru, and serving almost 11,000 customers daily.

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