Crown-it – The Thought and The Vision

Crown-it – The Thought and The Vision

Crown-it Team Mar 9, 8:47 am 5
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It’s somewhat unsettling to feel like a cog in a machine, getting up each morning for a job one doesn’t love, only to come back home in the evening, tired, drained, and without a sense of fulfillment.

But imagine how extraordinary it is that an entire bunch of people look forward to wake up in the morning and get to work? And by ‘get to work’ we do not mean drowning oneself in a mechanical job with all the rules already laid out and no tremendous scope for novelty. No, not at all! By ‘get to work’, we mean – creating new rules, creating something great, and facing new challenges with utmost passion, every day.

Well, that’s what life is like at ‘Crown-it’.

It has been six great months of unlimited fun, goals, achievements, camaraderie, and passion – and the game only gets bigger and better every passing day.  Emerging out of one of the biggest markets in the world, i.e. India, the foremost objective of the idea was to give the maximum value to the average Indian businessman as well as the consumer in the contemporary Indian scenario. So what does the contemporary Indian scenario look like and how can we make a difference to it? We saw that the ever-evolving and aspiring urban Indian Middle Class does a lot of discretionary spending on Lifestyle through businesses like Restaurants & Pubs, Salons & spas, Grocery stores, Shopping etc. Besides, we saw that there was no effective way in which such businesses were being marketed and driven measurable ROI to. Now the next question that faced us was – how can we make a simple, interactive and effective channel to connect the retailers with the consumers?

The modern Indian Consumer is much more aware and informed than ever. Besides, he/she is equipped with a Smartphone, which has become an indistinguishable part of their life. Therefore, we combined this inference of the mobile-first India with our vision, and came up with the product that is now known to you as ‘Crown-it’.


So what does Crown it do? It is a smartphone app that gives you Cashback every time you visit a Restaurant or bar, salon, or grocery store etc. The Cashback is in the form of Crowns – and your Crowns can be redeemed for recharge, shopping, movie tickets, donations to charity, metro card recharge, and much, much more!

For Small, Medium as well as large businesses, Crown-it is a platform to showcase them to a huge and centralized base of potential leads, and attract more business through well thought out, friction-less deals.

Our vision for Crown-it is to have a Customer Club comprising of all of the Indian Middle Class where they can earn Rewards and Privileges on their day-to-day discretionary expenditure and derive greater value out of it. Not just that, we want to enable them to make informed decisions based on criteria that matter to them, like location, cuisine, savings, etc. Since our vision is central to all that we do, it makes Crown-it extremely flexible and open to evolving as the market scenarios and trends evolve. By 2018, we aim at creating a club of over 200 million customers across 25 cities in India and becoming the #1 market place for local businesses. We know that we have a long way to go, and it’s no surprise that we will make mistakes too as we go along. But we wish to learn from every mistake that we make and turn it into a stepping stone for this great dream that we have created for ourselves. And to make this possible, we need all the support that we could get, but first be worthy of every bit of it.

  • Vishal

    Its a wow idea, i mean great concept and work.
    But what is your revenue model?
    Do u charge a fixed commission or any thing else?
    Anyways all the best for crownit.

    • rahul jack

      Very very nice

    • shakha

      I suppose they get a comision from the merchants.

  • rajiv

    Hi m not able to use app my no is 9990598690

  • moving quotes

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