Crown-it Team Jul 1, 1:51 pm 0
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Great news for all you food-obsessed, fast-living, adventurous Mumbaikars! As if the scrumptious local cuisine wasn’t enough for you to always look for an excuse to overeat, now you have another great new reason to indulge yourself to the maximum! Gorge on everything from local cuisines like Varan Bhat to Koshimbir to Patrel Biryani  to many international ones available all over the city without feeling guilty. Why? Because this time, you’ve got cashback on your side.

We are proud to announce that after months of effort, Crown it is finally live and fully operational in Mumbai. We carry with us the same excellence and quality that we have held throughout our Delhi branch and aim to provide nothing but the best to the people in Mumbai who seek to avail our service and without compromise, too.

We, at Crown it offer exclusive cashback offers at all dine-out outlets in Mumbai.  We cover all of your favorite joints and also offer instant cashback to our users without the hassle of coupons or loyalty cards. Just send us the picture of your bill and get instant cashback – it is that easy!

But since we’re true to our roots,  we are also offering a special incentive to our Delhi users on this special occasion. Refer our app to your friends in Mumbai and avail 300 crowns the first time he/she checks in  one of our outlets. Offer is limited so let as many of your friends know! If you were looking for an excuse to jump into our pool, now’s your chance!

Be a part of the growing customer club that is Crown it! Download our app and visit our website and be part of our family.

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