Best Android App to Make Easy Landline Bill Payment

Best Android App to Make Easy Landline Bill Payment

Crown-it Team Jul 5, 10:32 am 0
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Though mobile phones and smartphones are conquering the market by the million, landlines keep us linked to the past. We should retain them rather than let them vanish into history. The old and the new must coexist so that we recognize the past life and order of things. Those bulky landlines have so many sentimental stories to tell, but we are all too busy to listen nowadays. We need to slow down just a little bit…

If you are connected via computer, tablet or mobile phone to the internet as so many people are, payment of bills online should be easy work that consumes little time and less hassle. You would save time and money by not going physically to the payment counter. Plus, transport is expensive, time consuming, and dangerous at rush hours.

Stop worrying about the landline bill payment. The point is that many bills need to be paid, some every month while others could be on a quarterly or annual basis. Facilities exist to make all these payments conveniently via online mediums. Hats off to the technology and the companies that made it all possible. It may appear like magic in some sense with software connecting the customer with the bank and the company. All along the way, commissions are charged for the services, but we are at the saving end. Paying online is certainly the cheapest option!

Besides, there are absolutely no risks involved. PayTm for instance, presents no danger of money being lost or misplaced. It may take time for us to adjust to the new order like changing from manual typewriters to typing on computers that everyone does so easily now.

What other payments? Well, in plenty! Gas, water and electricity charges, hotel and travel bookings, movie tickets, DTH, mobile recharge and data card are some utilities and services that occur so regularly every month. Will it be possible to reach every office and counter, and wait in the queue? It does not make sense. No time, no money for so many visits. Besides, last dates will elapse which only means fines and penalties. Prices are increasing, and so are the penalties. Get rid of tensions and worries that might mean disconnection if payments are not made early. With so many pending bills, is it not possible that some may be overlooked? The wherever, whenever payment options are too good to be true, in the dead of night in a remote tea garden in the Himalayas.

A central nook is needed where you pay each of the bills regularly and on time. You have to decide. FreeCharge and MobiKwik are some of those websites that will assist such immediate payment. ICICI Bank and oxigenwallet are some more websites that will partner your landline bill payment. They work on similar procedures and are quite foolproof. It probably takes seconds for the entire process to be completed. You enter data like the company name, customer ID, the amount appears and a few clicks and you are done. You could pay through Credit or Debit cards or even Netbanking. Be assured that the millions are doing it all the time.

You could try the Crownit app as a precious social media alternative that travels by your side as you dine, watch movies, enter saloons and embark on holiday adventures. The cashback offer is a great advantage that provides a great deal of satisfaction to retrieve a part of the hard-earned money like a commission. Besides, Crownit serves as a guide when you search for restaurants or deals whether for health facilities or movie ticket bookings. You would agree that landline bill payment is no problem online.

Paying bills is no more a big headache for anyone. So what you are waiting for? Download the app and pay your troublesome bills at the comfort of your place with just some few clicks.

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