A Gastronomic Ramadan Food Trail Starting From Nizamuddin

A Gastronomic Ramadan Food Trail Starting From Nizamuddin

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This is the month of Ramadan. The whole country is immersed in a pious religious milieu. Busy offering of salat, recitation of Quran, and making charity. What’s unique about the festival is fasting from dawn till sunset followed by a filling Iftar. It might not be wrong to say that Muslims do know their food and how to serve them. Today, Iftar is all about being highly exquisite and elaborate. It bristles with varied delicacies. From delicious mutton curries and biryanis to irresistible desserts and refreshing sherbets; the Iftar meal is certain to make you salivate. So how about a Ramadan food trail?

If you are in an area like Nizamuddin, Delhi during Iftar, you will find yourself in the midst of aromas of spices, barbecued mutton, glittering lights, colourful shops, and religious chants echoing in the background. Consider yourself a foodie? Then, check out the old lanes of Nizamuddin and areas nearby during Iftar.

With so many authentic and decade old restaurants serving the most flavorful and savoury dishes, chances are you might get confused in picking restaurants. To save you from all the trouble, here is a Ramadan food trail for every foodie. It starts from Nizamuddin and will leave an everlasting impression on you:

Raise the bar with sensational starters

Al Quresh, Nizamuddin

Start off your Ramadan food trail at Al Quresh. It serves Mughlai and North Indian and gets swarmed by diners, especially during Iftar. It is a perfect place to dine with family and enjoy finger licking food. It’s clean and has decent seating.

Ramadan food trail

We recommend: Chicken Tangdi Kebab

Cost: INR 500 for two

Gulfam Kashmiri Wazwan, Nizamuddin

It is known for bringing the best of Kashmiri, Mughlai and North Indian delicacies to the diners. The kebab stall outside, serves perhaps the best kebabs, which is could be perfect for starters. It’s a modest restaurant with no swanky settings. It is best that you quickly enjoy your food and move on.

Ramadan food trail

We recommend: Kebabs

Cost: INR 300 for two

Afghan Darbar, Lajpat Nagar

People come here generally to enjoy Afghani food along with great ambience. The food, especially is delicious and full of exotic Middle-Eastern flavours. It is a unique experience to dine here.

Ramadan food trail

We recommend: Tandoori chicken kabab

Cost: INR 600 for two

Treat yourself with filling mains

Kabul Restaurant

It is imperative to have main courses during your Ramadan food trail. People throng to Kabul for savouring the tangy food with the subtle taste of spices from Afghanistan. Its menu is made of Mughlai and Afghani food.

Ramadan food trail

We recommend: Yakhni

Cost: INR 450 for two

Hyderabad House, Jangpura

If you want to enjoy authentic food all the way from Hyderabad in Delhi, this is for you. It is a takeaway joint which serves some delicious food. Its menu is huge with both vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian delicacies to try.

Ramadan food trail

We recommend: Biryani

Cost: INR 750 for two

Beliram Degchiwala, Jangpura

It is a perfect place to savour authentic North Indian and Mughlai food amidst a homely ambience. This one is a take away eatery. Usually, people come here, order food and eat it in their car. What’s cool is that their menu is rich and varied.

Ramadan food trail

We recommend: Mutton Roghan Josh and Keema Naan with curry

Cost: INR 650

Conclude the food trial with heavenly desserts

Kadimi Sweets, Jangpura

In the heart of Bhogal market, Kadimi Sweets has been satisfying the craving of sweet of many for decades. Its menu is rich just like its food. It is good for having breakfast, but if you have a sweet tooth you can visit it anytime.

Ramadan food trail

We recommend: Gulab Jamun

Cost: INR 150 for two

Sab Ki Khatir, Lodhi Road

It is one of the places that remains crowded even at late hours. They specialise in Mughlai and is more-or-less a take-away joint. However, they also feature a small outdoor seating. Just like their starters and mains, their desserts are also amazing.

Ramadan food trail

We recommend: Phirni

Cost: INR 450 for two

Kunafa, Lodhi Colony

It is a high-end dessert parlour serving dishes that just melts in your mouth. Their menu is reasonably priced and within budget. The ambience is amazing with good seating.

Ramadan food trail

We recommend: Stuffed Sekki Dates and Stuffed figs with walnuts

Cost: INR 300 for two

Ramadan is the biggest festival in Islam. It is all about spirituality, refraining from bad, and indulging in finger-licking food. Go on an Iftar trail during the Ramadan. It will certainly be a memorable experience. While on your Ramadan food trail, be sure to carry us along for some oh-so-wonderful cashback.

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