Travelling to Gurgaon: 9 Delhi Metro Hacks

Travelling to Gurgaon: 9 Delhi Metro Hacks

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Travelling to Gurgaon can be a daunting task. As the Millennium City, all commercial and business hubs are situated here. That is why it’s become one of the most sought after destinations for working professionals. But the Delhi Metro has eased the life of daily commuters in the city. It has provided them with a cheap, fast and risk free option to travel. In order to get to Gurgaon, you can take the Yellow Line Metro which goes towards Huda City Centre Station. However, the journey can be stressful. It can get congested and uncomfortable.


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So, here are some brilliant Delhi Metro Hacks that will help you travel with ease:

1. 8 Coach Advantage: You should always opt for a delhi metro which has eight coaches instead of six coaches. This is because the former is faster and spacious. Do pick the last coach in an eight coach metro to get the best space. If you’re sitting in a six coach metro, pick the second last coach.

2. Picking the Right Station: While travelling back to Delhi especially till North Delhi, board a train between Huda City Centre and Chhatarpur. However, get down at Qutab Minar Station. You can wait for the terminating metro at Qutab Minar. This will ensure you to get an empty metro with seats.

3. Boarding at the Right Station: It is a wise idea to board a train at a station which has the least crowd while travelling to Gurgaon or to Delhi. This will not necessarily ensure you get a seat but you will journey comfortably. Try your best to avoid stations like Kashmere Gate, Rajiv Chowk, Central Secretariat and Hauz Khas.

4. Avoid Ladies Compartment: Although a great and safe idea to avoid harassment, this compartment is usually crowded during rush hours. This is because 75% of women travelers prefer sitting here for safety reasons. However, since there’s only one coach assigned for women, the space becomes insufficient.

5. Carry Refreshers: There’s a high chance that people travelling from Samaypur Badli all the way to Huda City can get bored. This journey can take up to 2 hours. Do carry books, newspaper or iPod along. You may also download movies to watch in your phone while travelling for longer routes.

6. Board Coaches near Escalators: De-board from the metro coach which is closest to the escalator. This is if you travel on the same route always. A good tip because you can get out quickly to avoid rush and chaos while exiting. Pick corner seats in the coach or stand near the glass panel so that you can exit easily without wasting time.

7. Pick the Right Gate: Since all and most metro stations have 2 or more gates for exiting, be aware where you exit from. The exit areas are mentioned clearly at the stations. It is best to check the signs and not exit blindly. All metro exits and entrances are not situated close to each other. Exiting from the wrong will be more hectic.

8. Avoid Rush Hours: If you’re a leisure traveler, avoid rush hours like a plague. While travelling to Gurgaon, remember rush hours are 8-10 AM and 6-8 PM during the weekdays.

9. Get a smart card: A Smart Card is an intelligent idea for the daily commuters of the Metro. Not only would you avoid the long queue, you also get 10% discount.

Delhi Metro has been the lifeline for working people in Delhi/NCR region. It definitely is a great travel option as it is air-conditioned, cost-efficient, clean and easily accessible. With the co-operation of the travelers, the metro can continue to stay so for a long time to come. Most of all, if you’re a daily commuter, these hacks will save you a lot of time and energy while travelling to Gurgaon.

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