5 Offbeat Historical Sites to Visit in Delhi NCR

5 Offbeat Historical Sites to Visit in Delhi NCR

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Delhi is undoubtedly one of the famous tourist attractions of India. Moreover, Delhi has preserved so many historical sites that can be said as one of the main reasons of its high attraction. Delhi is a city which has to be in every traveler’s itinerary. Being the capital city of India travelling to this city becomes very easy. You can reach here through all modes of transportation. There are some monuments in Delhi which were built at the time of British rule and some others which are from the period of Mughals. Some famous monuments from British era are Parliament House, India Gate and President’s house. The architectural excellence of these sites is really worth watching. Though, Delhi offers so many well-known historical sites like Red Fort, Qutub Minar, India Gate and so on. But Delhi still preserves some of the most amazing historic sites that should not be missed while touring Delhi. Some of these offbeat historical sites or monuments in Delhi are listed below:


Agrasen Ki Baoli:

This amazing place is situated near to the Connaught Place, on Hailey Road. Agrasen ki Baoli looks like a hidden step-well, where tourists can walk along its walls. It is believed that, this gorgeous place was built in 14th century, though exact time and who built it is still not clear. Nevertheless, visitors can experience the great architecture of Lodi or Tughlaq period. Although, not as frequented as other popular historical sites in Delhi, it is still a significant one.

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Old Fort built by Sher Shah:

The Old Fort or Purana Qila in Delhi is one of Delhi’s oldest monuments. It was built by Sher Shah Suri, after defeating Humayun. It is located near Pragati Maidan in Delhi. This place offers a great Sound and Light show at every evening, in both Hindi and English languages explaining the great rich history of the city. The boating facility and Zoological Park are the other two attractions available nearby.

Tughlaqabad Fort built by Ghyas- ud-din-Tughlaq:

The Tughlaqabad Fort was built by Ghyas-ud-din-Tughlaq in 1321-25. People are usually shocked by the fact that how old this monument actually is. The fort is situated near to the Qutab Minar. The Tughlaqabad Fort construction has some very unique dimensions in its construction. Many architects consider it to be a proof of how good old age architects were.

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Monuments at Mehrauli:

Mehrauli is a large open air gallery of monuments and historic sites. The Mehrauli Archaeological Park is considered as a hidden gem of Delhi, located at the right next to the Qutub Minar. This historical site was built in 11th century with the amazing structure belonging to the Mughal Empire, Lodi Dynasty and British Raj.

Firoz Shah Kotla:

No doubt this destination is more popular as a cricket stadium, but it has some historic importance as well. It is located near to the Bahadur Shah Zafar Marg and one of the important monuments in Delhi. Jama Masjid is one of the most visited sites. It has a beautiful mosque, where people still offer milk and food with the belief that they will become happy and successful. The Ashokan pillar safeguards this palace building. Visitors can also see Baoli and Jail cells from this palace.

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Here we have listed some of the most popular historical sites in Delhi. These stunning historic sites deserve more recognition, but unfortunately these places are still hidden or overlooked by most of the tourists. Delhi by all means is a library where you can learn history not just by reading books but also by actually visiting the places with historical importance. If you are a history lover then these places will surely make your trip even more cherishing. So, get set go to Delhi.

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