5 Myths about Fitness You Need to Avoid

5 Myths about Fitness You Need to Avoid

Crown-it Team Jun 17, 6:48 am 0
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Ever wondered what it takes to be the best gym in Delhi? To be the best of the best, fitness centers have to create awareness about gym workouts and fitness regimes. Many people have misconceptions about fitness. Gyms and fitness centers have to get rid of these misconceptions. We have listed 5 myths about fitness. You will be surprised. Read on…


myths about fitness


Myth 1: Women should not opt for weight training or that it is not required for women

This is extremely wrong as weight training is important for toning body muscles. This is important for lowering body weight. In fact women lack hormones, present in men, which are responsible for weight gain. Hence, gyms should first encourage females to take up supervised weight training.

Myth 2: If a person is not sweating enough while working out, it means that he or she is not putting enough effort

This is a fallacy and one of the most common myths about fitness. The metabolic rate is different in every individual or varies person to person. Someone might sweat more and some might sweat less. Also the presence of AC in most gyms is a factor why people might sweat less. It has nothing to do with one’s effort. One might be actually grilling it out in the gym, but might not sweat. Many health and fitness experts have corroborated this claim.

Myth 3: The debate about which is better, machine or weights

The general consensus is both are equally important. However with the machines, only muscles being exercised but free weights lead to quicker strength and growth towards the entire body muscle. Still experts say it is better to go for supervised weight training as it leads to overall progress, since stronger muscles support the body better.

Myth 4: Crunches are the only option for six pack abs

To have washboard abs, one not only has to go for crunches but weight training with circuit training. Cardio-vascular exercises are also equally important. It is also dependent on a balanced diet. One has to have all encompassing lifestyle in addition to working out daily to have washboard abs like a Greek God. Many people, while working out tend to become skeptical when they have a dull muscular pain. However this pain is important as it is considered as sweet pain, or technically muscle soreness or muscle fever. This pain is temporary and subsides within a few days. If the pain is acute then one needs to consult a doctor as it might be due to some internal muscle injury.

Myth 5: Die hard followers of No Pain, No Gain principle – Ignore acute pain or that constant occurring niggle

This is wrong. Pain should be checked by a doctor or fitness expert as soon as possible. This is simply to avoid any grievous muscle or ligament injury, which maybe long-term. No doubt, it is true that the muscle soreness which one feels after exercise is nothing to worry out as it subsides in a few days. The pain generally occurs in the initial stages only. But one should however be precise with the weights being used because unnecessary weight lifting would do more harm than good.


myths about fitness


These are the 5 most common myths about fitness. So get rid of these myths as soon as possible and try hard to get your desired shape. Finally it is easy to surmise that in order to be worthy of the title of being the best gym, fitness centers have to be the first to help its members by educating them about common myths about fitness. Body toning follows a scientific process, which needs to be adhered to.

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