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It is the season of relentless rains in Mumbai. And as anyone who resides there will tell you: when it pours, it really pours. Rains in Mumbai are persistent , torrential and almost unceasing. It is both a blessing and a curse : Rain offers a welcome respite from the summer but kill any hope of any social activity that you had planned in public places. So yes, there would be faint chances to enjoy the Marine Drive or Shivaji Park anymore for a while.

However, don’t let this deter you from enjoying the pleasure of sumptuous treats in this amazing weather. Especially the places you didn’t find time to check out earlier, here is your chance. Among  plethora of options, we have selected five best places for you to hang out  and enjoy while it pours.

Enough said! Go ahead and check out these five great places –




Offers a good variety of Lebanese cuisine for those who would like to try different flavors ,whilst going extremely easy on the pocket. The Shawarma rolls in particular are excellent and will work wonderfully as a quick snack while you catch up for film screening at Regal Cinemas, which is located next to the cafe. Besides this, it offers variety options in other middle eastern cuisine too.

  Crown it recommends : The Chicken chilli cheese jumbo burger.

  Meal for two : Approx. Rs. 600



cafe mondegar

A great place for letting off some steam and relax in the city. The décor is urban and trendy with a hint of nostalgia (A jukebox is placed in the room). The continental food and snacks that it offers goes well with the beer and other alcoholic beverages. Situated in Colaba, the place is heaven for Italian food lovers with excellent variety of Pasta and other Italian delights.

Crown it recommends : The onion rings .

Meal for two : Approx. Rs. 1400




If you love Mediterranean and continental cuisine, Out of the Blue is your go to place. It also offers great buffet options as well for those who are less discerning . Also offers an excellent collection of desserts . Restaurant is divided into two sections: one with music and one without, giving the customer more options , if anything. Décor is lovely and the restaurant has an urban, trendy vibe , visited by excellent crowds.

Crown it recommends : The Margharita chicken sizzler.

Meal for two : Approx Rs. 2000

  1. CANDIES :



It has got superb collection of cakes, pastries, desserts and other confectioneries with a wide variety of caffeine based drinks that make it ideal for you to bring your friends for a chilled out evening . Famous for having a uniquely set ambience with interiors laced with all sorts of paintings and art pieces gives it an extremely hip look. Located in the suburbs, its look and feel guarantees a relaxed atmosphere.

Crown it recommends: The chocolate lava cake.

Meal for two: Rs. 700 (Approx.) 




A boutique diner in Nariman Point, it stands out chiefly for its Mediterranean cuisine. A wide variety of mocktails are available along with an expansive array of desserts. Treat yourself with mouth watering delicacies amidst the perfect lounging experience with high vaulted ceiling and romantic ambience. Perfect for bringing a friend or a date.

Crown it recommends: Chicken Rissotto and Baked lasagna

Meal for two: Rs. 2000


So now is your chance to beat the extreme rains in style  by hanging out at one of these extremely cool joints. Let us know which ones you loved the most! Use Crown it on your next dine-out and have cashback rain all over you!


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