10 Drool-worthy Tweets That Will Instantly Make You Hungry

10 Drool-worthy Tweets That Will Instantly Make You Hungry

Crown-it Team Mar 26, 10:54 am 0
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Sometimes all you need is a little inspiration to whip up something incredibly delicious. Wondering where you’ll get that kind of motivation? You don’t need to look beyond your Twitter feed. The food connoisseurs in the Twitter world are gastronomically gifted. After scouring through hundreds of A-grade epicures on Twitter, here are 10 Drool-worthy Tweets which will make you hungry in an instant. From appetizing recipes to yummilicious food images, read on to know more:






1. This heart-warming quote on his bio, “They used to tell me stories to make me eat. Now I look for stories when I eat” caught our attention. Kalyan Karmakar is a food blogger who lives in Mumbai, and this tweet had us salivating


2. We love people who analyse all things food. Nandita Iyer is a cook, blogger and writer, who loves food. Give this scrumptious Frittata a try, will you?


3. Sherin Mehrotra is a junkie for food, travel and books. Can we get an Amen? This blogger posted this oh-so-yum looking Mutton Biryani.


4. Marryam H Reshii is a well-known food critic and gastronomy writer. Her tweets are just delicious and this Chicken Shagoti and Mussels from Goa is no less.


5. A pastry chef and owner of Le15 Patisserie in Mumbai, Pooja Dhingra whips up all things delightful. She started her New Year with Garlic Crab. Yum!


6. Saransh Goila is a chef, TV show host, and author of India on My Platter. When he’s not busy travelling, he crafts cheesecake such as this which made us die a little.


7. Ashrita who goes by the name Cupcake Fairy is the face behind @caramelwings. When she’s not busy writing about food or baking, she’s a commercial pilot. We’re impressed!


8. Truly an inspiring account for foodies, Amrita Rana aka @AmritaOfLife loves cooking and would hand out recipes of must-try dishes.



9. For a beginner who loves baking and cooking, Divya better known as Miss Muffin on twitter will be your guiding light.



10. It is imperative to follow Rushina M Ghildiyal for all the spicy conversations. This renowned food blogger knows that there is nothing better than a healthy wholesome breakfast.



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