10 Best Food Bloggers and Entrepreneurs You Should Follow

10 Best Food Bloggers and Entrepreneurs You Should Follow

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Food industry is growing like it has never before. Today, it has gone more daring, creative, and diverse. Others may have or haven’t benefited from the fact, but the foodies are in great advantage. Today, a foodie has a wide range of food to pick from. From breakfast to dinner, you could now eat what you like. However, simply having your regular meal every time you dine out is not just enough. Apart from your favourites there are many quirky and exciting dishes that you haven’t tried yet before. Bring the food explorer in you and try these out! What’s more is that you need to be updated with what’s going on in the food world. Here are 10 best food bloggers and entrepreneurs you should follow:


Erin Alderson (Naturally Ella)

If you are into food, you must have heard her name. She is one of the most influential names in the food universe. What she focuses on is healthy, natural dishes that even the most stubborn meat-only or anti-cook guy can’t resist to get tempted with.

Erin’s Twitter handle: @naturallyella


Jimmy John Liautaud

His franchise Jimmy John’s is one of the highest ranked food franchises in the world. He started out in 80s by selling free sandwiches to college students, and now his food joint sells perhaps the best tasting sandwiches. If you really like to follow the fast changing food world and the top food bloggers and entrepreneurs, you have to follow him.

Jimmy’s Twitter handle: @jimmyjohns


Jon Sebastiani

Although, he comes from a lauded wine family background, his craze for healthy food led him to establish KRAVE Pure Foods. It literally swept the food industry with succulent, whole-muscle cut, and nutritious jerkies.

Jon’s Twitter handle: @jonsebastiani


David Barber

This man is known for bringing savoury, but less sugary yoghurt. Flavours come in beet, butternut squash, sweet potato, and tomato variants. He owns Blue Hill – a working farm where yogurts made from 100 percent milk feed cows are made.

David’s Twitter handle: @DanBarber


Kate Taylor

Kate Taylor is a dog lover, globe trotter, and most importantly, a foodie and food blogger. She is one of the most common names among those who love sweet fares. She only cooks vegetarian food and believes in food that nourishes the body and delights the senses.

Kate’s Twitter handle: @cookieandkate


Nags (Nagalakshmi)

She’s an Indian food blogger and her blog is one of the most-visited ones. Nags is a great cook herself and apart from writing about food, she also shares recipes. The food is anything from the old-time classics to the delicious, quick bites that you have with evening tea.

Nags’s Twitter handle: @ediblegarden


Sailaja Gudivada
If you are into culinary food, make a note to Sailaja Gudivada. A culinary expert, she specializes in traditional Andhra and South Indian cuisines. She says her inspirations were her grandmother and mother. If you are an amateur cook, you could take inspirations from her.

Sailaja’s Twitter handle: @sailu


Mallika Basu

A London based Indian food writer, her blog is a must follow if you love Indian food. The blog also features a mix of both national and international cuisines. She also wrote a wonderful cookbook called Miss Masala: Real Cooking for Busy Living.

Mallika’s Twitter handle: @MallikaBasu_


Maunika Gowardhan

She’s a chef and a food writer with a great following. She’s also a frequent flyer, and as she travels across the country she learns the authentic old recipes. On her blog you are going to find famous and classic recipes to old little known dishes representing different parts of the country.

Maunika’s Twitter handle: @cookinacurry


Deeba Rajpal

She has taken baking and food blog to an entirely new level. What she has is a massive 15 years’ experience in baking at home, and she still loves baking. What she shares in her blog are recipes of sinful desserts that are sure to satisfy your midnight cravings.

Deeba’s Twitter handle: @vindee

Food is not just a necessity to stay alive. But, it is something that should be enjoyed. Make sure to follow the abovementioned food bloggers and entrepreneurs as they can teach you a lot of things about food. Bon appetit!

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