10 Abs Workout to Get the Dreamy Six Pack Abs

10 Abs Workout to Get the Dreamy Six Pack Abs

Crown-it Team Apr 21, 7:10 am 0
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To have a fit body is everybody’s dream! There is nothing better to show how fit you are with the perfect set of flat abs. But it is important to know that it takes a lot of abs workout and others to get desired six pack abs. Most people resort to crunches and sit ups type of abs workout. However, there are other abs workout you can follow. You need to create a proper regime with a mix of work-outs to get the ideal set of abs.

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six pack abs workout

Here are 10 exercises to get the desired six pack abs:

1. Cardio: The first and best secret for an ideal six pack workout is cardio. All of us have six packs hidden beneath layers of fats. You can be shed them off by using the treadmill. Cardio exercises are popular abs workout as they burn the fat faster. Cardio can help you get rid of calories with just 5 minutes of workout daily.

2. Squats: One of the heaviest compound exercises, squats help in building an all-round great core. Heavy squats will help your body to get the right foundation. It is one of the most comprehensive leg and abs workout that will assure a stronger muscle build up in your lower body to support your upper body and increase stamina.

3. Dead-Lift: Six packs abs are all about muscles. Dead-lifts will help you achieve muscular strength and lean muscles that help the six pack show. The best part about this abs exercise is that it is a complete body workout and helps you lose fats faster.

4. Incline Bench: Doing 10 to 20 sets of incline bench would help you to build stamina. Your abs will also get the much needed flexibility. However, be cautious while training incline bench as it is easy to get injuries.

5. Shoulders: The best part of a six pack is the huge shoulders and for that you will need to train hard. One of the most common workouts is the cannon bell shoulder work out. This work-out is useful in uplifting shoulder muscles and ensures the muscles to develop in the correct manner.

6. Rows: Incorporating rows in the fitness regime boosts your confidence as it brings faster results. Your back gets stronger with them which is absolutely necessary to build six pack abs. They are also a great cardio to lose weight.

7. Lats: Another workout for a great upper body, lats are perfect abs workout for building up the muscles. Especially in the shoulders, elbows and scapula. The largest back muscles move with the lats and help you to gain a great back as well.

8. Biceps Curls: An important exercise for women, the bicep curls help in toning and strengthening the muscles. It also increases in the functionality and efficiency of the muscles. Thus, they help to increase muscle activity and support all other exercises. The biceps curls help in building your biceps and forearms.

9. Push-ups: The standard push-ups help in activating body muscles. They increase endurance of your muscular structure. They are also a great cardio regime and are easiest to perform without any equipment. Push-ups also increase muscle definition of the whole body. It also helps achieve a leaner physique.

10. Legs: Although leg training is tough yet it definitely pays off as it is important to complement your string upper body with well-matched lower body. Training your legs with multi body compound exercises helps in burning fats faster. It can aid you in achieving your six pack abs goal quickly.


six pack abs workout


Do include at least some of the above abs workout in your daily regime to get the perfect six pack abs. The best way to achieve your goal is to get proper training. We have listed some of the best fitness centers in our app. Make a booking at one the outlets listed to achieve your fitness goals as well as earn cashback.

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