Under Budget Best Pubs in Bangalore for a Hoopla Time

Under Budget Best Pubs in Bangalore for a Hoopla Time

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Officially called Bengaluru, Bangalore is the capital of Karnataka. It is termed as the garden city and Silicon Valley of India. It became the major IT hub with its immense influx in IT companies. Bangalore experienced a rapid development in infrastructure. The city enjoys fabulous connectivity to major important cities in Karnataka. With its extensive highways and road network, Bangalore is flourishing. Because the city is an IT hub, there are a lot of young professionals who live there. To cater to their lifestyle needs, Bangalore also has a lot of bars, pubs and restaurants. Here are some pocket friendly best pubs in Bangalore:

For a boozy time


bars and cafes in Bangalore


1. Legends of Rock: It is a perfect destination for Rock music lovers. It is considered as one of the best bars in Bangalore. The enthusiasts of the rock music have termed this place as the ‘Temple of Rock’. The bar cum lounge is the hotspot of rock music fans. The bar has a fabulous ambience which is coupled with incredible rock music, variety of drinks.

2. Windsor Pub: The famous Windsor Pub is meant those who indulge in a lot of sightseeing and enjoyment in the place. After taking up various thrilling activities in Bangalore, enjoy great drinks and cocktails here. The quaint old place is located in Kodava Samaj Building in Vansanthnaga. It is popular for its ambience and the variety of hard drinks and delicacies.

3. Bak Bak Bar: Bak Bak Bar is a renowned bar among the tourist patrons. The bar fabulously boasts of a great ambience and their large comfortable seating area. Enjoy your drinks and fares under the open blue sky. The outside seating arrangements are exquisite.

4. Casa Del Sol: For all the dance lovers out there, Casa Del Sol bar is perfect in Bangalore. The party scene in Bangalore will be totally incomplete without dancing. But not any kind of dancing – the popular ‘salsa’. All the salsa loving people can pay a visit to the bar on Sundays. This place surely acts as the perfect party night out.

5. Magnolia: For those looking for a restaurant cum bar, they may visit the famous Magnolia. Enjoy drinks here after a long and tiring day of sightseeing and adventurous activities. This amazing bar serves different types of food and alcoholic beverages.


For the discerning business travelers


bars and cafes in Bangalore


Beside these bars and cafes in Bangalore, there are budget hotels as well. As mentioned above, it is also the major IT center. Bangalore is an ideal destination for seminars, meetings and for workshops. The environment has a work oriented aura in it. There are budget friendly restaurants and cafes to hold meetings across the city. Good hotels in this city are quite expensive but you can also find out some awesome budget friendly hotels and cafes.

The Ivory Tower in Bangalore is meant for business meetings as the surrounding is pretty formal. Ista Hotel is another great option for corporate travelers.


For those ‘me time’ at cafes


bars and cafes in Bangalore


Besides the Bangalore bars, there are several budget friendly cafes that may be considered as options. They all provide a perfect setting for the cup of coffee and relaxation. In fact, the charming cafes in Bangalore offer cosy get together ambience where you may also enjoy the food treats. Matteo is a fine café in Bangalore known for its wide spread coffee. Try out the signature espresso here. Then there are other cafes like Ante’s Café, Raasta Café, Om Made Café, and Coffee Day Square.

A trip to Bangalore may give you a lifetime travel experience. Visit these under budget bars and cafes in Bangalore to enjoy every moment of your life. While in Bangalore, look for awesome restaurant on our app and book hotels as well, and earn cashback and Weekly Rush tickets.

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